Since it Was Cooler Outside

Since it was cooler and kind of rainy this last weekend, I decided to do some painting that’s been staring at me a while – the 3rd bedroom. I knew I wanted green but didn’t know which shade. I went to Home Depot on the east side and picked out a color. It took forever for them to mix it and was even wondering if they were still mixing it or gave it to someone else.

It turned out to be the right color. I think it’s called Vine Green or something like that. I did all the walls the same color and went from taping to being done in 24 hours. I had to do 2 coats of Behr paint, so I had to get another gallon the next morning, which I did but at a different Home Depot – the one on the west side in Nakoma Plaza. I got much better customer service there. They had more people at the desk and they were nicer and faster. I’ll probably go there for pain from now on.

Here are some pictures. The lighting’s kinda wonky. Also, I put up some curtains I got from Ikea but these pictures were before that, sorry. They look cool.