Sent from my iPhone

"Sent from my iPhone"

Yeah, that’s the default signature that Apple puts into the iPhone – either you love it or hate it, I guess. I think it’s a good idea to have a signature like this so that people can excuse your spelling and typing mistakes. I’m even thinking of putting this signature in my email program so that people will either be impressed with my one handed typing ability or else forgive any mistakes there, too.

To change "Sent from my iPhone" to something else, you simply go to:

Settings > Mail > Signature

Change it and then go back to "Mail" with the left arrow at the top. There’s no "Save" button there. You don’t need to.

But what should you change it to? What are some good "Sent from my iPhone" alternatives out there? Well, I found a few and put them here with some of my own. If you have some good ideas, put them in the comments:

  • Sent from my iPhone… jealous?
  • Sent from my Atari 2600
  • Sent from my iPhone, jerk
  • Sent from my $400 phone
  • Proudly typed on an iPhone
  • Sent from my ipwn
  • You’ve been iPhoned
  • I make more money than you do
  • Sent from the Future
  • Yes, I have an iPhone. Want to hook up?
  • Sent from my Whiteberry.
  • Sorry for my spelling mistakes and for non-formated text
  • Sent from my eyePhone
  • Sent using the interwebs
  • Sent using up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, select, start
  • Sent from someone else’s iPhone
  • Sent from my iPad Mini
  • Sent on my iPhone while driving
  • Sent from my iRotaryPhone
  • Sent from my iPhone… against my will.
  • Typos made by my iFone.
  • Sent from my iPhone I stole
  • Sent from your girlfriend’s house
  • Sent from my iPhone, dictated to Siri
  • Sent from my iPhone, read by you
  • Sent from my iPhone 4s

Any more???

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