Say No to Poison Ivy

Ok, I got hit hard with this stuff. It really sucks. Here’s my story…

We were camping on the WI River and camped on an island. I had a glow in the dark frisbee and we were playing when it got dark. Well, a few missed catches or bad throws and I’m fishing for it, in the dark, in some "weeds." Yeah, weeds. It was dark, so I had no idea what I was getting into and didn’t even think about it much. My leg started itching the next day after I slept that night in my sleeping bag.

Poison IvyTwo days later, I had a huge rash on my legs and arms. I think washing the sleeping bag was also a problem since it didn’t seem to get clean and the wet bag rubbed against my skin as I was taking it out of the washer. Not good.

The doctor put on some cream but after it hit harder, I went to the Emergency Room since my leg was swelling up and it was hurting to walk. I even feared something like a blood clot, so I didn’t want to take a chance on that. They got me on Predisone (steroid) and I continued to use the cream. The taper they put me on was not enough to kill this thing, so when I went down to just 2 pills a day, it came back again with force. The medicine, Hydroxyzine, does help with the itching. Frequent cold showers and putting on additional Caladryl cream also seems to help – 2 layers in total (or more) seems to do the trick.

I may need to up the dosage again to totally get rid of it. We’ll see. This is not fun. I have no idea how people with chronic skin conditions do it. I do have sensitive skin, but it’s not nearly as bad as it can be. I know that. More power to you all.

I’ve included a picture of what poison ivy looks like here but it can take on many different looks, it’s amazing. Before you go into any kind of bushes or something – think! If you’re not wearing pants and a jacket, find someone who is. Then bag those clothes and wash them with hot water and soap. For sure. I would not want anyone else to experience what I’m going through. It’s really bad.

Here are more resources on the Web about poison ivy, how to treat poison ivy and what poison ivy looks like:


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