Samsung TV Restart Problem – Fixed!

Samsung TV Restarts Itself

Fixed for Less Than $6!

I was having a problem with my Samsung TV. It was working fine, then it started acting weird. I’d start it up and there would be a blank screen. Then it would keep restarting and take a long time to really start up. I found that if I unplugged things, that helped. Finally, it would hardly start up at all. The remote stopped working, too, once it would get started.

After some research online and asking around, I found out that this is a common problem with Samsung and LG LCD HDTVs. They used some cheap capacitors on the circuit board, they would pop after a few years and cause this problem. They need to be replaced.

I saw a video online about a guy doing it himself and it looked pretty easy so I decided to take it on with the help of my friend, Al.

First, I unplugged it and got it onto a table with a blanket on it so as to not damage the screen. I removed about 10 screws from the back. Don’t forget the ones by the plugs.

Next, I saw the broken capacitors. There are four of them about the same size in a row. The tops were sort of busted. I’ve seen some pictures where they leak a little.

I unscrewed that board and removed the plugs going into it. We think this is a power transformer type of circuit board converting AC to DC or something like that.

We got the board out and Al did some soldering work. He straightened out the pins using the soldering iron and a soldering sucker thing to pick up any excess. He then touched the iron to the soldering points and removed a capacitor while I held the board. Having two people working on this is probably ideal.

Once it was out, we put the new one in. You have to make sure it’s oriented the right way for polarity. It doesn’t go in either way. Make sure it’s right. Check the ones that are in there.

We got the new ones at Radio Shack. I didn’t think they carried that type of thing anymore but they did. The guy at the store, when I called, knew exactly why I needed them – so like I said, I’ve been finding that this is a common problem with Samsung and LG TVs.

We ended up just replacing 3 of the 4. The other one looked Ok. These were bigger than the ones we took out and we think that will help them last longer this time.

We put the board back in and hooked up the plugs again. I got the TV back to the entertainment center, plugged it in and it worked. I then took it back and put the back cover back on.

All in all, it was a $5.10 fix in parts. I then bought Al some dinner, so it did cost me a little more for the paid labor but it was worth it.

I’m including some pictures and the video I found on YouTube – enjoy!


[Update 12/18/2012 – it has been a year and it’s still running fine!]

[Update 4/21/2013 – still no problems!]

[Update 7/6/2014 – still no problems!]

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