My Photo Blog

Easy Photo Blogging

iPhone 4SI’ve decided to start a photo blog. I was going to start it at the beginning of 2012 but found some time to do the research on how to set up a photo blog. I wanted a photo blog set up so that I could just simply take the picture from my iPhone and email it to my website / blog. I did some work and get it set up running pretty smoothly, so I figured why not start it now instead?

You can find it here:

It’s using WordPress and a few, good plugins along with a photo blogging theme. I have a special, private email account programmed into my iphone and all I do is take a picture and send it as an email to my website and then it appears on the website. If I was going to do it, I wanted it to be set up as conveniently as possible. I didn’t want it to be a hassle or where I would forget to do a sync or something. I simply wanted to take the picture, send it and be done. So that’s what I did.

How to Set Up a Photo Blog

Later, I’ll come up with a small eBook and some instructions so that if someone else wanted to set one up, they could. Or maybe people would want me to set one up for them so it would be easy for them.

Why a Photo Blog?

I think a photo blog is a great idea because you get to look back and see where you were each day. Maybe some days, it’ll just be a picture of the pen on my desk or other days, I could be traveling and send in something more exciting. Your friends and family get to peek in on your life and see what’s going on as well. The great thing is that the picture can say a lot.

The cool thing about a photo a day is that you sort of have to decide what will be your photo. You only get one a day, so make it count. I’ll be looking for the opportunity to take a good picture wherever I go. I’ll have to set some kind of reminder at night to remind me to take one in case the day gets busy and I forget.

Why With an iPhone?

I’m getting more and more into photography and have had some really nice photos – especially around Madison. I just got the iPhone 4S and the camera on it is actually really good. It’s just 8 mega pixels, but that’s enough but the optics of the camera have really improved – noticeably improved if you ask me. You can take some really great photos with an iPhone. You just have to recognize the moment. Since it’s on the phone, I’ll pretty much always have it with me, too.

What Else Can Be Done?

I might also hook it into Facebook and Twitter so that my picture also automatically gets sent there as well.