Jos. A. Bank Rocks!

I’ve said it before… you get what you pay for. I’d rather spend $60 on a shirt that I know I’ll wear a lot than a $25 that I’ll only wear a few times because it doesn’t look good, feel good ir always has to be ironed. That’s why I love shirts from Jos. A. Bank.

I have one shirt that really looks great on me. I get compliments all the time when I wear it. I know that washing a shirt, wears it down so I can easily get by with washing it every other time since it still looks nice after I wear it once. I also wear an undershirt, so it doesn’t smell at all either. But I was wearing it the other day when I had lunch with my dad and the sleeve ripped. It was kind of weird. It ripped on a crease where it would be ironed but I never iron it. I just wash it and dry it and hang it up right after it dries.

A friend told me that I could take it back to Jos. A. Bank and they’d give me a new one, so I tried it. They did! They still made that shirt, so they found the receipt or something and gave me the new one. While I was there, I bought another one.

So there’s my opinion on them. I’ll keep buying shirts from them for sure and I’m happy that the same shirt was available. I know one thing they say is that all their shirts are the same size since they control their manufacturing process. I like that. I know that every large shirt I buy will fit me and they do. Pretty good.