How to Get Good Customer Service

You want good customer service wherever you go? 

It’s simple… be a good customer.

I’ve worked at a number of places and now even own a few businesses of my own. I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to do work for the customers that don’t complain too much and pay their bills on time. There’s not as much motivation to bend over backwards for clients that do not pay on time and don’t appreciate your hard work. That’s human nature and humans are doing the work, so it just kind of makes sense.

If you’re a good customer, then you often get more for your buck, too. People tend to give you little freebies and do more bending over backwards. It’s a "win-win" situation!

This is so elementary but it’s surprising how people don’t think of this when they need to. Even smiling at the cashier can do wonders. Start small and work your way up. We’re all people, after all.

Happy Wednesday!