Guitar Center… Boo!

I went to Guitar Center the other day to pick up some drum stuff. I needed a kick pedal, sticks and a throne. I enter the drum area and there’s a dude there at the counter. He’s staring at a computer and doesn’t say hello or acknowledge me at all. Ok, maybe he’s busy. I better not bother him. He looks pretty engaged in whatever he’s doing there.

I search around and find the items I want, which takes probably 5 minutes as I try different thrones and pedals. The pedals are right by the counter. Still… nothing from him.

Even though their prices were good, I left. They lost probably $180 from me. To their credit, I was greeted when I walked in but the dude surfing the Net or whatever dropped the ball. He must not be on commission or else just didn’t care. I ended up paying more over at Ward Brodt but Riley over there took great care of me and helped me tons. He was a drummer and had experience with the pedal I was looking at. To me, paying more and knowing I was getting the right things was totally worth it.