Got My CycleOps

I picked up a CycleOps ("cyclops") trainer today. I got the Magneto (their site uses Joomla!). It’s one step up from the Wind model, which people say is really noisey. This one is pretty quiet. I’ll be able to hop in this thing in the mornings and get a 20-30 minute workout. The great thing is that it’s not another exercise machine that will sit around and collect dust – or as I see at other people’s houses like treadmills being used to hang clothes on.

The CycleOps Magneto uses my Trek hybrid bike, which is a 7.5 FX – which I love. It’s a great bike. It has a carbon fork and straight handlebars, which I like. Shifting is easy. It even comes with a bell – so yeah, there’s that.

I got the package that comes with the trainer tire. There’s supposed to be some block to use on the front so that the bike is level but they were out of them – it’s on back order and I’ll have that soon. The mat came with it. You also get some sort of protector for the front post area so that you don’t sweat on it and then something to hold your TV remote. As you can see from the pictures here, I have it set up in front of a TV in my extra room.

If I do need to use the extra room, then all I have to do is unhook the bike, fold up the stand and roll up the mat and then I have that whole room free again. I really didn’t want some exercise machine that I had to store because I just don’t have the room. This was a good solution, I think. Now, I just have to make sure I get on it and use it, right?