Goodbye, Brett Favre!

Well, I thought Brett would hang in there one more year since last season went so well. I thought he’d want to announce one more year and then kind of do the Kareem/Jordan thing of appearing in each stadium one more time, but Brett has his own style.

What a great run though. Numerous records were broken. He proved himself to be the best – no doubt.

So here in Wisconsin, we have to look forward to at least 2 months (maybe more) of people forwarding every kind of email with a tribute to Brett Favre. There are literally hundreds of people working on them right now. Some will probably even crash my email program and each will come with about 10-15 "forwards" before you actually get to whatever message or image someone has included in the email. This is how the state will express its grief.

And once August and September roll around, we’ll probably go through it all again as the sportscasters tell us how Brett Favre would have done this play or that play. So I just think it would have been better if he had just said one more year and played.



Update: Cool pictures of Brett Favre at Sports Illustrated (