Facebook Spam / Idiot Test

I’ve been seeing people post this message to my Super Wall on Facebook:

i couldn’t believe it when u press forward u see the person who views ur profile the most…try it…

Ok, I haven’t done it but I figured out the first time I saw this (the bad spelling is a huge tip off) that the only way you’re going to see if it works is if you send this message to all your friends, which encourages them to do it (self-propagating x multiplying exponentially = virus). From what I’ve read, it does not work. You just send spam, essentially, to all your friends and show them that you’ll do whatever people tell you to do.

Would Facebook do this per their Privacy Policy? I think not. 

These are the exact same people who forward emails around to get free computers from Bill Gates and Applebee’s. Watch out, they’re out there.

And these must be the same people clicking on attachments that I blogged about a few days ago. Man, I wish I had that kind of free time. :-)