Check Card Rewards

Ok, first off, I’m not being paid by Chase Bank to write this. These are just my own experiences.

Back in 2008, I moved my checking from Associated Bank to Chase Bank and that was a great decision. First, they gave me referral bonuses that totaled about $150 or so because I brought over a savings account and a business account. So I got that much just for switching (starting a new account) with them.

Second, they have this check card rewards program that’s awesome. I used to get about $100 for 50,000 points but now you easily get twice that. I just cashed in something like 25,000 points and got $160. I use my check card all the time for things and try to pay online with it when I can, too. It’s better than credit cards because you then don’t rack up debt. So getting that didn’t take too long. It’s a nice bonus to give yourself.

I’ve now changed my check card rewards card over to a United mileage card instead because I’m doing more traveling and want to get free flights. On my last trip to Phoenix, it only cost me $85 for a last minute, round trip flight because I used 15,000 miles. That’s awesome. I’ll be able to fly anywhere I want for cheap. My India trips also help rack up miles.

I just wanted to tell everyone that if you do not have a checking account debit card that has a reward program, then what are you thinking? It’s free money, people!