Business Etiquette: Phone Call or Email?

Phone Call or Email?

I thought I’d pose a question here and see what people say – please leave your comment:

When should you write an email and when should you make a phone call?

When You Do Both Wrong:

Today, and from time to time, I get someone who emails me and asks me to call them. What? I’m sitting here, next to the phone. It’s not ringing / not busy. There is no voice mail from you where you tried to call me and you’re emailing me to tell me to call you by phone? Why don’t you just call me? Are you assuming I’m busy? Why take a minute to write an email when you could have just picked up the phone? That seems like it would have been faster… for both of us.

Are you not available right now? If I call you, as you’re requesting, will you be there to pick up? I have to assume you won’t be there – otherwise you would have picked up your phone and called me instead. So when should I call when you will be around?

I just don’t get it!

It seems to me like the way you contact someone is the same way you want to be contacted back.

Pretty simple, right? Why mix the two up and make it confusing?